6:34 I'm Good I'm Good - Tedashii
from Tedashii This Time Around on Reach Records
6:29 Sideways Sideways - KB
from Tomorrow We Live on Reach Records
6:26 New Day New Day - Blake Whiteley
from Break Thru on Blake Whiteley Music
6:22 All My Friends All My Friends - The Breax
from Breax Over mixtape volume 3 on Independent
6:18 Do What I Gotta Do What I Gotta - Aaron Cole
from If I Can Be Honest on SMLXL
6:14 Swerv Swerv - Black Knight
from Black Knights World on Black Knight Creationz
6:11 Lord Have Mercy Lord Have Mercy - Trip Lee
from The Waiting Room Mix Tape on Reach Records
6:07 Oh Lord Oh Lord - NF
from Therapy Session on Capitol Records
6:03 Here 2016 Here 2016 - Sho Baraka
from The Narrative on Humble Beast Records
5:59 I Live I Live - KAS
from I Live Single on Independent
5:56 All I Need Is You All I Need Is You - Lecrae
from Anomaly on Reach Records
5:52 Party In The Hills Party In The Hills - Steven Malcolm
from Steven Malcolm on 4 AGAINST 5
5:48 Undefeated Undefeated - KB
from 100 on Reach Records
5:44 So Much Love So Much Love - Jordan Armstrong
from So Much Love-Single on Good Guys
5:40 Top Model Top Model - Canton Jones
from Kingdom Business Pt 2 on Cajo Entertainment