10:39 Different People Different People - Social Club Misfits
from The Misadventures of Fern & Marty on Capitol Records
10:36 When The Beat Drop When The Beat Drop - Skrip
from Renegades Never Die on Infiltrate Music
10:33 I'm Good I'm Good - Tedashii
from Tedashii This Time Around on Reach Records
10:29 Messengers Messengers - Lecrae
from Anomaly on Reach Records
10:26 New Day New Day - Blake Whiteley
from Break Thru on Blake Whiteley Music
10:23 Chimneys Chimneys - HillaryJane
from Stix and Stones on Infiltrate Music
10:18 Lights Shine Bright Lights Shine Bright - TobyMac
from This is Not a Test on Capitol Records
10:13 I Made It I Made It - Da TRUTH
from Heartbeat on Mixed Bag
10:10 Too Cold Too Cold - Trip Lee
from The Waiting Room Mix Tape on Reach Records
10:06 Can You Hold Me Can You Hold Me - NF
from Mansion on Capitol Records
10:03 Limitless Limitless - Brvndonp
from Brvndonp on RPSMG/Alpha Pup Records
9:59 Dum Dum Dum Dum - Tedashii
from BlackLight on Reach Records
9:56 Stop Me Stop Me - Christon Gray
from The Glory Album on RCA
9:52 Say I Won't Say I Won't - Lecrae
from Anomaly on Reach Records
9:48 Courage Courage - Social Club Misfits
from The Misfit Generation-EP on Capitol Records