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September 2012 is finally here!

For some of us, it’s just another month.  BUT FOR OTHERS?  They’ve been anticipating September 2012 with their whole heart.  Click here to share your September 2012 story – and/or to read the stories of others who have been waiting for this month – maybe for their whole life…  :)

Mandisa and tobyMac on GMA

Here’s the link to ABC’s Good Morning America appearance of Mandisa and tobyMac, singing “Good Morning”.

Cute puppy found a home

This cute puppy stole my heart!!  I SO wanted to keep him but we’re just not ready to have a puppy at this moment in time (but hopefully soon – I love dogs:)  An old friend from college saw his little dog face on my Facebook page and took him into her family today.  Yay for cute puppies, old friends, and dogFacebook lol :)

Tammy’s story and butterfly hugs

If you love the beauty and symbolism of the butterfly, this story will touch you extra close to the heart.  Tammy’s story is one of encouragment, purpose, and life.  Although Tammy is now in heaven, by reading and re-telling her story (and following her lead), we can – as Max Lucado puts it – help Tammy “outlive her life”.  Click on the picture below for the full story…

Got a (prayer) knot in your stomach…?

If this week you have a child going to kindergarten, college, or somewhere in between – that pain you literally feel in the pit of your stomach could have great purpose.  Read on…

JD’s first day of Kindergarten? “Amazing!”


All the parents were chuckling as our exuberant son ran into my arms yelling his amazement at the top of his lungs.  It took me a minute to start recording on my phone – it’s the cutest little video – especially the part where our 4-year-old Jesse is trying to steal the show:)

I popped it up on YouTube for you, here’s the link.  Hope you enjoy the video as much as JD enjoyed his scissors, markers, recess, and his purple crayon;)

If you’re one of the ones who prayed all those years that I would someday be a happy mother of children… thank you.  Your prayers were answered.

“Making the decision to have a child is momentous.  It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”  – Elizabeth Stone


FamilyLife and my story

It is a rare privilege to have my story told on FamilyLife with Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine.  My story aired today (Wednesday, August 15th 2012) across the nation.  Thankfully, their great team of producers edited it down to make it radio friendly – I basically just dumped my heart out on the table:)  Click here to listen to the broadcastAnd click here if you want to know why I haven’t listened yet (as of the time I’m typing this) or to leave comments.  May my story bring healing and draw people closer to God.  much love – Lis

People Making a Positive Difference

I have been GREATLY inspired by the story of Australian missionaries to Haiti Barry and Rebecca McDonald.  From great loss to making a great difference, this is where you can read their story…

Boys Love Silly Moms :)

Four words from my friend Tracey have changed the atmoshere in my home many times over the past few months.  Click here to read my blog “Boys Love Silly Moms” for MomLife Today.

MomLife Today

Whatever it is that you do every day, sometimes you can get worn out and discouraged.  I’ve been getting so much daily encouragment from MomLife Today.  If you know a mom who could use that “I’m not alone” feeling, click here to share some life-giving words.  hugs, Lis