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Lose it!

A good friend recommended a weight loss app to me called “Lose It“.  And I LOVE IT!

When I think of losing weight in a healthy way, eating less calories and burning more calories always seems the most logical.  This app is free and gives you a way to VERY EASILY keep track of the calories you eat PLUS a way to easily calculate the calories you burn.

My favorite part:  if you have a smart phone that scans, you can scan the bar codes on foods and the calories are automatically entered!  While I was grazing through Costco, I scanned everything I ate.  It helped me to not overeat.  (Overeating is my biggest weight loss obstacle.)

This is the link to the webpage, or you can search “lose it” on your smart phone.

I love sharing things I love with my friends!!  hugs – Lisa

PS:  I’ve lost 5 pounds so far.  Twenty more to go… :)

We bond in our brokenness

Recently a friend told me a story.

The story stuck with me.

When it was time for me to write my blog for MomLife Today, my friend’s story was at the top of my mind.  Read here how playing “Failure Bingo” at a MOPS meeting helped my friend realize:  no mom is perfect, and that’s really okay.

A miracle inside the Aurora shooting

Please take five minutes and read what this pastor from Colorado has written about a victim named Petra and her miraculous story.  I hope it touches your heart and encourages you the same way it has encouraged me.

This is the link to the blog - and this is the link if you want to leave me a comment after you read the story.

I realized that I had hardened my heart because the pain of this tragedy is so enourmous.  This article allowed me to finally grieve with hope that God is still God.  And He is awesome.

with love – Lis

Be the Mom

Some thoughts from my friend Tracey Eyster

“I am convinced that my daily life with my children teaches them how to react to their world.  They model behavior they learn from me – from you.  So, if my child mopes, pouts or lashes out, I need to sober up and realize they just may have learned to lash out from me.  Ouch!”

If you want to read the entire, very insightful and helpful blog from Tracey, click here.  She’s helped me so much to Be the Mom.

hugs and much love – Lisa

10,000 Reasons

I’m so in love with this new Matt Redman song 10,000 Reason!  If you are, too, and want to see them singing and playing the song, this is the link!  Enjoy my friend:)  – Lisa

The Birthday Project

What if you’re next birthday was a day that changed someone’s life?  Click here to learn more about The Birthday Project.  When you get to their website, watch the video on the right.  IT IS SUCH A GREAT IDEA!!  hugs – Lisa  (PS if you want to leave comments and tell me your thoughts, you can do it on my FB page by clicking here.)

Your church helping kids with special needs…

Our church is just now developing a program to help families with special needs children find a spiritual home, a safe place, a caring place, a group of people who understand and want to partner in the spiritual formation in their child.  This is way overdue at our church!  One way we are learning and growing is by partnering with Nathaniel’s Hope to offer Buddy Breaks.  I’m so excited to go to Buddy Break training being held in Orlando August 10 & 11!  If you are looking for more info on how to create a place for special needs kids at your church, here’s the link to find out more about Nathaniel’s Hope!  Tim and Marie Kuck at Nathaniel’s Hope are a great starting place in your journey to make church a place for all children, all people.

much love – Lisa

Happy Birthday America

Here’s a link to hear the cutest little voice ever – from three years ago today.  Boy am I thankful that I thought to pull out my phone and record this!!

My Daddy’s Bible

The red letters in my Daddy's BibleThis is a picture of the Bible my Daddy read every night of his life until he went to heaven at 86 years old.  This Bible was always on his nightstand.  When I was a little girl, I would take Daddy’s Bible outside and find these pages in the book of John and look in wonder at all the red letters.  If you have time, please click here to read the whole story, to read this week’s red letters, and to share your thoughts.

much love – Lisa

Red Letter Summer

So this week, the writing of our 8-week Bible study fell on me!  Click here when you’re ready to read the Red Letter Summer study for this week!

Reading John 10, 11, and 12 over and over again to prepare for writing, I was overwhelmed many times.  THESE ARE THE WORDS OF JESUS AS HE APPROACHES THE CROSS.

I begged Him to help me write this week’s study.  There were 4 things that I feel the Holy Spirit illuminated as I read Jesus’ words this week:  His voice, His light, His groaning and tears, and His obedience to the Father.

Please study with us!  And please, if you can, leave your comments, insights, and thoughts.  I want to hear what Jesus’ words speak to your heart today.

with love – Lisa