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Suz’s Lunchbox Love Notes

Hey friend,

If you’re like me, there’s several times during the day that you wonder how your kids are doing or even how your spouse is doing. Who are they talking to? What are they thinking about? How are they feeling? Are they encouraged, happy or feeling loved?  The Z girls were sitting in the office talking about their favorite thing to do to show love, and I was reminded of my lunchbox notes I used to write. I remember when my kids were little, I tried to include a sweet note in their lunchbox or an extra snack, just to remind them that mommy loves them. Another girl at the Z talked about how she does this for her husband and tries to include a sweet note in his lunchbox once in a while.

I know life is getting busier than ever, so we came up with Lunchbox Love Notes just for you! They are pre-made lunch notes for you to cut up and add to the lunch boxes of the special people in your life! Just print them and pack them in a lunch, so that the one you love can feel that hug throughout the day from you! Don’t forget to add your own personal message on it as well. Just click on each link below for a different page of notes. We’ll be adding them weekly, so don’t forget to keep checking back!

Lunchbox Notes Week 1

Lunchbox Notes Week 2

Lunchbox Notes Week 3

Lunchbox Notes Week 4

We can smile knowing no matter what’s going on with the ones we love, they’ll have a little piece of you with them! I’d really love to see how you use them, so snap a picture and post it to my Z88.3 Middays Facebook Page.