Z88.3 FM: Safe For The Little Ears®

Is that Lisa??

If you recognize Lisa’s voice, that’s because she was part of the Z88.3 family from 1998-2007, serving on the morning show for nearly five years with Scott Smith, and then she joined Dean O’Neal on the afternoon show for five years.  She was well-known for sharing her heart and passion for Jesus, for her funny relationship with her Momma (a regular on her show), and for her transparency about her long-time struggle with infertility.

Her husband’s job moved them to California and it was there that Lisa became a mommy when Jon David was born in February 2007.  Then less than 2 years later, their second son Jesse was born. While in California, Lisa joined K-LOVE where she served on-air from 2007 to 2011.  In July of 2011, she left full-time radio to embrace being a full-time mommy to JD and Jesse.

The Williams family now lives in Denver, Colorado, and from studios in her home, Lisa is able to work part-time for Z88.3!  You can hear her Saturday and Sunday nights from 7 to midnight, or throughout the week when she fills-in as needed.  We’re very happy to have Lisa back on the Z.