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A Note From Tyler…

Here’s a note from your friend Tyler McKenzie that many of you who already support your Z will be receiving in the mail over the next few days…

“And the winner for Large Market Station of the Year goes to…Z88.3!”  These were the words we heard during an awards dinner held at our radio convention last week.  Peers from radio stations around the country stood and applauded as we accepted our award, and although the award was special, we know we are involved in this ministry for God’s glory alone.

With every “congratulations” I heard that day, I couldn’t help but think of you.  This award really belongs to you and all the other families who have joined TEAM 88.3.  We literally rely on your prayers and financial support each and every year.

We heard from Michelle and her family.  Their little boy is autistic and has been non-verbal the first 4 years of his life.  She said, “In the car one day we had the Z on and out of nowhere my son sang out loud, ‘Z88.3!’  We burst into tears thanking God for using the Z to help our boy.  We now love telling people that his first word was Z88.3!”

If you have ever given to this ministry, you are part of that story.  Because of you, sweet kids get to sing positive songs on the way to school.  Because of you, people hurting get a chance to feel God’s love through a song.  I love that we get to do this together.  It takes all of us to make a TEAM!

So, as we find a place for this trophy somewhere in our lobby, we want to congratulate YOU on your Station of the Year award!  More importantly, thank you for allowing God to use you in a massive way.  Your gift to Z88.3 provides encouragement and a safe atmosphere to so many families. It means more than a room full of awards and trophies.

When we take moments to love out loud and pour our heart, time, and resources into things that matter, I believe God has a far bigger prize waiting for each one of us.   Help us further His kingdom and share HIS love and hope with more people in 2014!

Tyler McKenzie
Morning Show Co-Host

Maybe this is your first time hearing about fundraiser or a radio station asking for listener support. Or, maybe you have always thought that someone else will take care of the need, and it doesn’t have to be you this time. Your support no matter how big or how small allows the stories Tyler shares above to happen. Fundraiser is coming up November 4-8. We ask that you prayerfully consider supporting your Z.  If you would like to be part of the Z story and already know that you would like to pledge your support for 2014, please make your pledge now on our Z88.3 support page.