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Ocoee Book Rack

Ocoee Book Rack
Ocoee Book Rack
Connie Dean
125 W McKey St
Thousands of used books. 1/2 off the cover price. We have a trade-in policy.

The Book Rack exists for people like you, who simply love to read books. Not to mention hold, talk about, share, and just be surrounded by them. Our roots go back to the early 1960s, which might explain the Book Rack is somewhat free-spirited development. Our stores are connected by a common thread of trading and selling used books, but cookie-cutter we are not. Each store is a unique, independent establishment, shaped organically by its owners and customers. While the trade-in policy and inventory differ from store to store, what you will find at every Book Rack is a great selection of books and people who are as crazy about them as you are.