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Ellis & Tyler’s Neighborhood

It is a joy for us to wake up Central Florida each weekday morning! Our community is filled with so many amazing people with different types of jobs. With Ellis and Tyler’s Neighborhood, we are going to go out and get to know some friends and learn about what they do! Dolphin trainer, garbage collector, police officer, we want to meet and thank them all! I hope you can join us on our Facebook Live adventures where you can ask questions and get to know a new friend too!


1.17.20 Shady Oak Critters

We love meeting new animals!  And this Friday we get to meet two new opossums that were named after us!!! 😂 We’re also going to hear more about the wildlife rescue where they are staying, Shady Oak Critters.  Join us on Facebook Live on Friday at 10:10 in the morning! -Tyler

8.28.19 The COOP – Click here to watch!

Have you ever been to The COOP? Don’t worry if you haven’t (though you’re missing out on some tasty food!), because we’re taking you with us on Facebook Live when we head over to see one of our favorite people- John Rivers! – Ellis

7.2.19 Holy Land Experience – Click here to watch!

Join us for a behind-the-scenes look at one of my favorite places, the Holy Land Experience! Have you ever been? If you haven’t, you can check out our Facebook Live and see some of the reasons I love being there. – Tyler

4.27.19 Healthy Kids Day at the YMCA – Click here to watch!

Healthy Kids Day is one of our favorite days of the year! Ellis and I will got to visit our YMCA to meet with some friends and to learn some more about how to keep our kids healthy. If you weren’t able to join us in person, you can watch our Facebook Live! -Tyler

4.9.19 – Cirque du Soleil – Click here to watch!

Have you ever been to the circus? Our friend Laura from Cirque du Soleil came in to give us a glimpse into some of their tricks- you can check it out by clicking the link above! -Ellis

3.4.19 Ellis Meets a Horse – Click here to watch!

I have gone my entire life without riding a horse- but at least I got to meet one in March! The Orlando Police Department were kind enough to invite me to their stables. If you’d like to see how it went, click on the picture above! -Ellis

2.24.19 Do Good Farm – Click here to watch!

Our friend Josh from HOUSE BLEND CAFE invited the whole Z Crew over to see his amazing project at Do Good Farm in February, and we were lucky enough to be able to take you with us! -Tyler