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Ellis + Tyler’s Happy Heart Month

Heart Month is a great reminder that there are things we can do to make sure we stay healthy for our families. That’s why we invite you to join Ellis and I on Z88.3 Mornings for Happy Heart Month. We’ll have tips, interviews, encouragement and things we can all do to be heart healthy.

We also challenged each other to take 10,000 steps a day every day in February! Ellis, Producer Sierra and I are challenging YOU to join us, too! Let us know how you’re doing and share your encouraging stories by checking in on the Z88.3 Mornings Facebook page.

Happy Heart Month!

Z88.3 Mornings with Ellis and Tyler


From GoRedForWomen.com:

Just because you feel fine doesn’t mean you aren’t at risk for heart disease. There are many factors that can increase a woman’s risk of heart disease, and they are much more than just the obvious factors like age or weight.

For example, Veronica Sanchez thought she was perfectly healthy, and had no idea her risk factors were so high until she suffered two heart attacks one day apart. Turns out she had a history of heart disease on both sides of her family which greatly increased her risk. She also had some unhealthy eating habits that needed to change. Since her recovery she has become a vocal spokesperson for Go Red For Women, and encourages women to assess their own risk of heart disease. As Veronica says it, “Being aware may just save your life.”

With heart disease, you may not get a second chance to win the battle. So the time to assess your risk is right now.

Learn more about risk factors here.