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Online Wilderness Survival Class

Online Wilderness Survival Class

Date(s) - 13 Jul 2018
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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July 13th: Online Wilderness Survival Class

1. Communication is Key
2. Keep Your Head On
3. Take Inventory
4. Build a Shelter
5. Agua Por Favor
6.Keep that Belly Happy
7. Light that Fire
8. Lay a Fire
9. One Word: Tool
10. H-E-L-P
11. Navigation
12. Know Your Priorities
13. Learn to Perform Basic First Aid Techniques, Kit or No Kit
14. How to Start a Fire with Nearly Anything
15. How to Find Water to Drink
16. Learn the Big Four to Always Find Edible Plants
17. Learn the Universal Edibility Test
18. Physical Needs: The Basic Hygiene You Can Ignore (and What Not To)
19. How to Build a Debris Hut
20. Wilderness Survival Kits: Top Ten Items
21. Wilderness Survival Concepts
22. Building a Fire Pit
23. Camping Knots for Wilderness Survival
24. Survival Bow Making Instructions –
How to Make a Quickie Bow from a Sapling
25. Survival Essentials: What Matters Most
26. How to Read a Map
Topographic Maps
27. Outdoor Survival Techniques
28. Wilderness Evasion
29. Native American Basket Weaving
30. Building a Quinzee
31. Survival Fire Starters
32. Dakota Fire Hole

$20.00 per adult for self pace class. $5.00 per child and 45.00 for a group or family.

For more information, contact Dallins at dallins549@gmail.com or at 208-351-3407

Class will be on google class, and code will be given by instructor prior to class.