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Heart and Sole Seminole!

Your Z has partnered with Seminole County Parks and Recreation and Centra Care Urgent Care to launch a county-wide health initiative. Summer is a time to be outside and be more active, participating in sports and other healthy activities. Unfortunately, research shows that students are more likely to gain weight during summer months at home, than they do during the school year. So, let’s get moving!

Centra Care and Seminile County Parks and Recreation are encouraging Seminole County residents to complete a series of health challenges listed on the Heart and Sole Seminole Passport, which participants can download. Challenges include volunteering, taking exercise classes, putting together picnics in the park and more! 

So, from now until Labor Day, we are encouraging Seminole County residents to download a passport and get to know your local Seminole County Parks! If you aren’t a resident of Seminole County, put together a passport in your area and get moving!

For more about this program, please visit the Heart and Sole Seminole website.