10:13 Beautiful Bride Beautiful Bride - Flyleaf
from Memento Mori on Octoscope Music
10:09 Back From the Dead Back From the Dead - Skillet
from Unleashed on Atlantic Records
10:06 No Longer No Longer - Decyfer Down
from End of Grey on SRE Recordings
10:02 Dominate Me Dominate Me - Fight The Fury
from Still Breathing on Atlantic Records
9:58 Anthem of The Lonely Anthem of The Lonely - Nine Lashes
from World We View on Tooth & Nail Records
9:54 Darkest Part Darkest Part - Red
from Beauty and Rage on Essential Records
9:51 Proof of Life Proof of Life - Scott Stapp
from Proof of Life on Wind-Up Records
9:46 White Noises White Noises - My Epic
from Violence on Facedown Records
9:42 Bring Me to Life Bring Me to Life - Thousand Foot Krutch
from Welcome to the Masquerade on Tooth & Nail Records
9:39 Taking Life Taking Life - We As Human
from We As Human on Atlantic Records
9:35 Change Change - Above Only
from Above Only EP on Above Only Music
9:32 Die Free Die Free - Fireflight
from Die Free-Single on Keep It Loud
9:28 Rot Rot - Lacey Sturm
from Life Screams on Followspot Records
9:24 Who I Am Hates Who I've Been Who I Am Hates Who I've Been - Relient K
from Mmhmm on Gotee Records
9:21 Feel Invincible Feel Invincible - Skillet
from Unleashed on Atlantic Records