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Quick Family Recipes

Ellis and I are excited to introduce you to our resident foodie… her name is Carol and she loves sharing all things food. You’ll find all the recipes we’ve shared together on the radio below…just click on each picture to find step by step instructions.

Carol said that she always remembers her mom saying “we are making memories”. Our kids won’t remember us for the extra hours we put in at work, but they will remember sitting around the family table sharing life!

Join Ellis and me on Wednesday mornings around 7:12ish a.m. as we spend some time sharing memories and recipes. We pray these recipes to help bring your family together each week!

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Quick Family Recipes with Our Resident Foodie Carol:

(Click on each picture below to find the recipes)

All Quick Family Recipes

Carol’s Breakfast

Carol’s Crock-Pot Recipes

Carol’s Desserts Recipes

Carol’s Dip Recipes

Carol’s Holiday Recipes

Carol’s Instant Pot Recipes

Carol’s Low-Carb Recipes

Carol’s Meal Recipes

Carol’s Party Recipes

Carol’s Side Dishes

Carol’s Soup Recipes

You can find all of Carol’s Recipes on our All Quick Family Recipes page.