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Summer Olympics

If you have been watching the Olympics, maybe you are a little sad it’s over.  It has been so inspirational to hear the stories of our athletes and all they have gone through to get them to the moment they have waited for. These are moments we get to peek in on and even be a part of.

There were so many great moments. World records broken and things that will be talked about for years to come. But what I will remember the most is how the Olympics became a part of my family the last 17 days. My 5 year old, Emma Grace, cheered on gymnast Gabby Douglas like she was her best friend. She had the biggest smile on her face when she heard swimmer Missy Franklin talk about God after winning a race. My 2 year old, Ella Jay, learned to chant U.S.A., and there were moments throughout the events to teach them both about hard work, disappointment, victory, and humility. No gold, silver or bronze medal could replace such sweet life lessons.  Let the countdown for the Winter Olympics in Russia begin.


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