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Surviving The Game - Skillet
from Dominion
11:33 Guilty Hands - Nine Lashes
from Guilty Hands-Single
11:29 We are The Broken - Seventh Day Slumber
from We are The Broken
11:26 Dear X - Disciple
from Horseshoes & Handgrenades
11:22 Down In the Lowlands - Barry Blair
from Down In the Lowlands-Single
11:17 One Thousand Apologies - Demon Hunter
from The Triptych
11:13 All Around Me - Flyleaf
from Flyleaf
11:10 Paperthin Hymn - Anberlin
from Never Take Friendship Personal
11:06 The War We Made - Red
from Declaration
11:02 Not Dead Yet - Ledger
from Ledger EP
10:58 Low - Relent
from Heart Attack
10:55 Strike Back - We As Human
from We As Human
10:51 Broken Pieces - Matt Moore
from Broken Pieces-Single
10:47 For Those Who Wait - Fireflight
from For Those Who Wait
10:43 Three Nails - Set For The Fall
from Three Nails