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Summer Serve Adventures

This summer, you may have plans to play, relax, and reconnect with family!  Summertime can also be a great opportunity to serve others in our community!

Central Florida Mom, Tiffany, will join Ellis and me each Monday in June and July with ideas on how your family can serve others.  Listen on Mondays at 7:45 a.m. for a new challenge to conquer!  We can’t wait to hear how it goes!  Let’s make memories and serve others together this summer!

Z88.3 Mornings with Ellis and Tyler

WEEK ONE: Clean out the closets!
Go through the closets and bedrooms in your house, especially toys the kids no longer use.  Then donate the items you no longer need.  There are so many places around town that could use it!  You can always take items to Salvation Army or the Sharing Center but you can also check with your local police or fire station.  They may be able to give your toys to kids going through a difficult situation.  Also, day cares or your own church may be able to use donations!

WEEK TWO: Bring snacks to your school!
Call your kid’s school (or any school close to you) and ask how many people are working over the summer.  Office staff, summer school staff, and custodial staff often have to work over the summer months.  Ask if you can bring them a little treat!  It could be something small like donuts or cookies, or you could bring them lunch one day!  It’s a great way to bless those who are working hard over the summer and who bless our families all year long.

WEEK THREE: Volunteer together as a family!
Volunteering is a great way to show your kids that there is more in the world than just our own needs and how to get outside of ourselves.  Here are some organizations that you could start with…some are feeding the homeless, sorting food, packing meals to be sent to hungry children, or even organizing shelves.

WEEK FOUR: Leave snacks for delivery drivers!
Setup a little table or basket at your front door with snacks for delivery drivers.  Between UPS, Amazon, FedEx, and Instacart drivers, most of us have a lot of delivery drivers stopping by our houses throughout the week.  With our summer heat, it might be nice to put a little cooler out with cold water.  For postal workers, you could leave a little snack (that won’t melt) in the mailbox.  If you have a Ring doorbell, you can even show the kids their reactions to the surprise.

WEEK FIVE: Make blessing bags to pass out to people in need!
Buy some Ziplock or paper bags.  With the kids, pick out different items to fill the bags…prepackaged snacks, certain fruits, water bottles, etc.  You can even have your kids write little notes of encouragement or Bible verses to go in the bags.  Then, when you come across someone in need, you or even your kids can share a blessing bag with them.

WEEK SIX: Help out a local animal shelter!
There are several great organizations around town where your family can help out.  You can start with checking out the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando or Orange County Animal Services.  Their websites will let you know what kind of items they need donated or you can even buy directly from an Amazon Wish List.  For older kids, there are even opportunities to actually volunteer at the shelter!