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Suz’s Christmas Questions

Tell Me About Your Christmas!

Thanks for being part of Z Christmas Around the World. Please help me get to know you and a little more about your Christmas traditions before we actually talk by filling out the form below.
  • Tell me where you are from.
  • What day or dates do you celebrate Christmas in your country?
  • Walk me through your typical activities on Christmas day in your country.
  • Tell me a little about the Christmas traditions in your country.
  • Tell me what's different about Christmas in your country?
  • What's the weather like during the Christmas season in your country?
  • What kind of foods are typically served at Christmas?
  • What is the reason Christmas is celebrated in your country?
  • Give me a heart tugging story about your favorite Christmas memory.
  • Tell me anything else that you would like me to know about Christmas in your country!