Z88.3 FM - Orlando's Christian Music Radio Station: Moves You

Brian Kerkan

Director of Engineering

My interest in broadcasting started early in my life. At age 7, I passed my amateur radio test and received my first license.

My radio career started at a small AM station in Pittsburgh when I was 13. It was an AM daytimer and I still remember signing the station on, and the warm glow of the tubes in the RCA transmitter. I constructed my first studios there and had my first opportunity to work with audio processing. Back then, the Audimax and Volumax were in use, but I remember building circuits to shape the audio. I always believed that it was important to stand out with a loud, clean, and bold signal that stood out from the crowd. Just as you would listen to sound systems and pick the best sounding speakers to take home, good broadcast audio can attract and keep listeners.

I was never satisfied with just being average. In my 20’s I worked at the first rated station in Pittsburgh which at that time was a top 20 market.

I was always looking for a signal that stood out from the others. Back then, most processing advantages were through hardware modifications, such as changing capacitors in the crossovers to get a deeper bass sound, or careful selection of pre-processing such as the Texar Prism, and multi-band compressor/limiters.

Over the years while vacationing in Florida, I was always impressed with the quality and programming of Z883. It is a blessing to now be a part of the team.

I am an active member of the SBE, and hold several IT certifications from Microsoft and Cisco Systems.