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Employee Relations & Compensation/Benefits Manager

My name is Faith.  I was named Faith by my mother because I was born with pneumonia, the doctors thought I was not going to survive but mom had faith in God that I would.  The youngest of six children, the only child born in Salisbury Maryland because my mother was shopping and went into labour with me but I am from a small town in Crisfield Maryland.  Raised in Millville, New Jersey. Today I have two great sons and six amazing grandchildren.

My desire to always assist continues to bring me to the place where God has prepared for me, which is at Z Ministries.  Being able to work under the sounds of God’s praises is awesome.

Receiving my BA in Pastoral Studies, at Trinity College was due to my love for God’s word alongside many other unnamed credentials. Understanding Hebrew and Greek has allowed me to understand the truth of God’s word. Being an International Speaking/Evangelist has opened my eyes to how different cultures express their love for Christ in music, worship and serving others.  Coming to the knowledge of truth, at a young age that God had a plan for my life was far more than my young speech impediment insecure self could ever envision; has kept me humbled and eager to help others.  Learning early that my speech impediment was not because I was born with it but because of the trauma that later turned to triumph which allowed me to write my memoir –becoming a published author.  As an author, my past wounds have helped others to overcome.

God is so amazing and I am on His journey at Z Ministries.