Z88.3 FM - Orlando's Christian Music Radio Station: Moves You


Z88.3 Afternoons Producer

Jessica is a Central Florida native. The music of the Z has been a part of Jessica’s life since the station was created. Her dad started working at the Z shortly after it was founded and Jessica quickly became a radio rugrat, skipping around the halls of the station and playing with the many stray cats that would find their way to the front door. The music holds precious memories for her and you will almost always hear her humming along to her favorites.

Jessica graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Media and Communication Studies and started working part-time in promotions at the Z. Shortly after, the Z realized she would make a perfect producer and moved her full time to Z88.3 Afternoons.

When not working, Jessica enjoys (in no particular order) singing, cats, chocolate, watching Marvel movies, Irish breakfast tea, live music, fitness, and vacationing in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina.