Z88.3 FM - Orlando's Christian Music Radio Station: Moves You


Karis started at the Z as an intern in Fall of 2022. Later that year, she graduated from the University of Central Florida.  Ending up at the Z was not the original plan she had in mind, but she believes it was the right one.  Karis fully trusts in the plans that God has for her life, and she believes that she ended up here on purpose. She love working with people and planning events. Her favorite part is decorating! She hopes to go on mission trips across the world to show people the love that God has for them and to provide them with the things they need.
Karis has grown up in Orlando her whole life, and she loves it here. She has a very loving family who have been big fans of the Z for years.  She can remember listening to it on her way to school growing up.  In her spare time, Karis enjoys going to the beach and spending time outside. Her pride and joy is her two fur babies, Rover and Ranger. They are both a year old, and they look just alike! She hopes to continue to volunteer at animal rescues and wants to have many more dogs in the future.