Z88.3 FM: Moves You

Kayla Stevens

Promotions Coordinator

If you’ve listened to Z88.3 Afternoons, you might have heard Shadow Stevens talk about his daughter, Kayla. This is a completely different Kayla.

Just kidding, it’s the same one!

Kayla Stevens was born right here in Central Florida, where she grew up playing music trivia with her dad… don’t test them, they cream the competition, which mostly includes Ellis and Tyler from Z88.3 mornings. She shares the same laugh with her mom and sister, so it’s fun to get them in the same room together. She also loved growing up with her brother Kyle and trying to navigate this weird world we live in. They’re still learning, and for a while, Kayla didn’t know what she’d end up doing with her life.

Some would say she found the Z in that confusion- but really, the Z found her.

What started out as just coming into work with her dad to volunteer and hang out with all the lovely people at the station, became her first job as a part-time receptionist, which then opened up the way for her to become full-time at one of her favorite places on Earth (certain theme parks are still first…) as Promotions Coordinator!

Now she enjoys working with Carol and co-conspirator Amanda, on helping the Z thrive on social media, plan Z events, and most of all, making Z listeners happy!

She still spends her weekends hiding from the world and playing video games… introverts need time to recharge you know! But, she’s thankful for the friends and family she’s found here at the Z.