Z88.3 FM: Moves You

Therese Romano

Z88.3 Program Director

I am thrilled to be on the Z team. I was praying and asking God for a place where I would fit in and feel at home. I had no idea it would be Z88.3 but I am so happy that it is!

I have been in radio and the music industry for over thirty years. The radio journey has taken me to nine states and I’m praying Central Florida is my last stop.

I am one of seven children – five boys and two girls. My parents still live in my childhood home. I’m so blessed to have such a big family.

My immediate family is just me and my four-legged boy, Rocco. I always said I would never become one of those crazy dog people… well, now I’m eating those words.

One of the things I enjoy doing in my free time is exploring fun, local places in small towns all over Z Land.