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Virtual Classroom

Trying to keep up with schoolwork at home can be tough! Here are some educational things you can do online while you’re at home. Just put your Z on and start learning!

For Geography and Animals with National Geographic Kids, click here.

For an interactive way to learn some History, click here.

For day-by-day projects Scholastic, click here.

For Math and Language games by Arcademics, click here.

For Space Science for the kiddos from NASA, click here.

For NASA’s complete list of NASA-At-Home options, click here.

For Gatorland’s School of Crocs, click here.

For Activity Kits & an Educator’s guide by Louie Giglio, click here.

For the Rockettes’ live dance class, click here.

For Khan Academy’s Daily Homeroom with Sal Khan, click here.

For SeaWorld’s Animal Bytes and other educational options, click here.

For the Crayola Experience’s Create & Learn At Home offerings, click here.

For Compassion Explorer’s activities, stories, prayers, and more, click here.

For the Science of Universal Orlando, where NBC Learn highlights STEAM concepts found in attractions at Universal Orlando, click here.

For Orlando Science Center’s videos and do-it-yourself projects (rock candy, DIY slime), click here.

For Ripley’s Aquarium’s live feedings, educational encounters, story time, and much, click here.

For Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odditoriums’ live Q&As, odd exhibits, drawing tutorials, and more, click here.