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Woman of the Week

Woman of the Week for 06/14/2012: Jennifer Verga

Nominated by: Dominick and Sophia Verga

My eleven year old daughter and I are writing this for our love for a woman of faith.  Jennifer is the women of my dreams and the best mother a child could ever ask for.  God had a special plan for Jennifer!  She makes me smile in the of hardest times.  Jennifer enjoys praying and worshiping the Lord.  I believe by her setting an example of faith, our daughter has grown in faith.

My mother works hard and always has a smile on her face.  My mom is like a machine never stopping.

My wife does everything for our family.  Our dog would have to agree as well.  She would run into a burning building to save one of us.

Mom,Jennifer, we love you and we hope you know that.  God bless you!

Woman of the Week: Cyndy Goeller

Nominated by: Mary Sharp

Cyndy is like the mom I never had. I met her in my Sunday School class (which I rarely attended because I was “too tired”). This was an excuse I used frequently because I’ve been in stage 3 heart failure, due to a genetic disease, since I was 25 (I’m 32 now). Cyndy asked if taking me to church would help. She took away my excuse and got me involved in church this also started a great relationship.

Cyndy is always there for me I can’t count how many times she has picked me up from work when I am sick, taken me to the doctor when I cannot drive, and stay by my side for hours on end when I end up in the hospital. She is an amazing woman with four grandkids two of which are disabled with Muscular Dystrophy. If only God had more angels like her!

Woman of the Week: Sarah Guthrie

Nominated by: Madison Guthrie

My Mom is truly a blessing in my life. She is an inspiration and dose everything she can to help support my dreams, and the dreams of my brother. She always has a smile on her face and always knows how to cheer me up. I come to my mom with everything, and she is my best friend. She strives every day to be a Godly woman and set an example for me. Last year she lost her mom to caner, my grandma was a beautiful woman with a heart-warming smile. She was so strong and never complained. She had brain, lung, and jaw cancer on both sides. Now she is in heaven where she can smile on my momma and our family. My mom should be the woman of the week because not only dose she a have a beautiful heart, but she will always help others before herself, and she never complains. I really want my mom to be recognized for how much she dose and how much of a blessing she is toward our family and me. I love you mom. Thank you for believing in me, and for teaching me how to be a Godly woman.

Woman of the Week for 01/19/2012: Donna Zeh

Nominated by: Nancy Davis

Donna is an extraordinary, selfless woman who devotes much time to her church and youth leadership.  Despite the fact that she works two jobs, travels frequently, and leads the Sparks group in AWANA, she finds time to be a strong Christian role model to many.  We are in a Bible study together on Friday night.  She picks me up as I am uncomfortable driving in the dark.  She not only knows the Word, but often makes references, and encourages me tremendously.  Although Donna juggles many tasks at once, she is the most humble person I’ve ever met.  She never seeks accolades for her accomplishments, but gives all of the glory to God. If I were to choose one story about her, it would be her service in Sparks.  My six-year old is excited about what she learns in Sparks, not so much the memorization and prizes, rather the message itself.  Donna goes far above and beyond to make every child feel special, and to share the love of Jesus Christ with everyone.  She is loving, wise, compassionate, inspirational, considerate, kind, funny, smart,humble, honest, trustworthy, sincere, and beautiful!

Woman of the Week for 02/02/2012: Tahra West

Nominated by: Nicole West

When I think of my sister-n-love I think of the woman from Proverbs. She has 5 children & home schools. She cooks their meals with mostly fresh & organic ingredients & is always making home made breads & cakes for people. She is very patient & kind. Always there to offer words of encouragement & lend a helping hand. She does all this & still seems to have time to make jewelry too! She is a prayer warrior & will stand up & fight for you when you can’t. I don’t know where she gets her energy but she just goes & goes like the energizer bunny. Oh did I mention she’s an awesome decorator & can sing too? I want to be just like her when I grow up. Tahra, I don’t say it very often but it is always in my heart. I love you & have so much respect for you.

Woman of the Week for 01/26/2012: Sandra Hogue

Nominated by: Blair Byrer

I met Sandra Hogue in 2006-2007, I began working in our Childrens ministry at Church with her.  Sandra is the wife of our childrens Pastor.  She has always been kind and willing to let me talk to her.  She is an amazing women.  Not only does she work at the church, she is raising 4 beautiful and sweet kids.  Sandra not only cares for her children, but also the “modern day ophrans” Foster children.  Sandra has had many children in her home.  All of her four children that Sandra and Steve have, have been adopted.  Sandra has 3 foster children in her home.  With 7 kids most would find it hard to do anything but Sandra always find time to take care of her family and also serve God by caring for the children who have no home. Sandra is such and amazing, care, loving Person!!  She does all for others espeacilally children, that she derserves a Women of the Week title!!

Woman of the Week for 02/09/2012: Mary Rowland

Nominated by: Lauren Kelly

I’m pretty biased but I happen to think my Mom is the most incredible woman you will EVER meet.  To me she is woman of the week, month, year, and century.  She has faced a lot of adversity in her life and is yet facing another one.  Her husband and love of her life is going through the fight of his life.  He was diagnosed with Glioplastoma, a terminal and rare form of brain cancer.  He is under hospice care and only has a short time left with us.  They’ve only been married a short 2.5 years, not long enough.  She has been nothing short of amazing during this time.  She has been such a pillar of strength when her husband has needed it the most. Her faith never waivers and continues to praise God during the storm.  To me she gives new meaning to “during sickness and in health.”  She will always be my example and inspiration.  I would love to honor her and give her the recognition she so deserves.  She truly is the most important woman in my life and my best friend!

Woman of the Week for 02/16/2012: Eyla Moringlane

Nominated by: Zoe Labrada

Eyla Moringlane is a devoted woman of God.  Not only is she family, but a best friend and sister through Christ as well.  She is a wife and mother of two boys which she currently home-schools.  Not only has she taken on the task of providing a solid Bible based educational foundation for her two boys, she also serves in her church through the worship ministry.  Several months ago I was torn between what God was calling me to do and what I wanted to do.  I was going through one of the toughest times in my life.  I was 7 months pregnant, laid off from work, just finishing grad school, and had no health insurance.  Eyla stepped up to the plate and did what God was asking her to do.  She was there for me through the most difficult time of my life, providing that much needed support.  I did not have from anyone else all the while helping me realize that God came first no matter what.  Eyla also helped me out financially to where my family was able to get back on its feet.  She gave me the best gift ever, teaching me that there was so much to live for through Christ.  At a time when I felt like my world was ending, she taught me that life wasn’t over and that God had other plans.  I nominate her because I feel she needs to be recognized. Not only is she loved by me and the family, but by the community as well.  Thank you.

Woman of the Week for 02/23/2012: Anita Smith

Nominated by: Donna Collins Tinsley

Anita is an encouraging, enthusiastic, impassioned, motivating, spirited Southern woman who inspires us to have faith when things appears dark.

Although she is now widowed, she regards the Lord as her husband and protector through the storms of life.  She was not afraid although alone during hurricanes and continues to teach and mentor women even though an ocular stroke has taken away the vision from one eye.

If you have ever sat in one of her Bible Studies you would be amazed at the wisdom God has given this woman; but don’t think she is all study and no fun.  Even though Anita is in her 80’s, she can out-dance many a young woman at weddings and has even given her time to help elderly people at the assisted living centers get up and boogie to music for exercise.

One thing that Anita has done that really has encouraged me that a woman can accomplish big goals even in the later years is she recently completed a program to get a degree in Biblical Counseling at age 83.  I would love for Anita to win this award to help commemorate her anniversary of teaching women for 25 years this month.

Woman of the Week for 03/1/2012: Sherry Searles

Nominated by: Bill Searles

My wife is a woman with a pure faithful heart.  She is strong in the Lord, always giving, always loving, and never expecting anything is return.  In 2007, our then grandson, Alex, was a victim of severe child abuse by the hand of our ex-daughter-in-law.  He was only given a 10 percent of surviving.  Alex was totally vegetative and we were given very little hope of his recovery.  Sherry never gave up hope.  Her faith in God’s healing grace was unwavering.  There was a decision point to either let Alex go or to dedicate the remainder of our lives to care for him.  Sherry, without hesitation gave up her career and life as we knew it and committed to caring for Alex and our then 8 month old granddaughter which we both adopted in 2008.  Alex suffers from traumatic brain injury and has had to re-learn the most basic functions of life.  Sherry has never left Alex’s side and through Sherry’s selfless love and dedication Alex has made an amazing recovery.  Sherry has been his anchor, mother, and teacher providing him and our family unwavering love and support.  Here is a link to Alex’s story done by 700 club, https://www.cbn.com/700club/features/amazing/alex_searles041609.aspx.

Woman of the Week for 03/08/2012: Judy Forbes

Nominated by: Karen Hartner

When I was 8 months pregnant with my first child, I had an important business meeting in Daytona Beach.  My mother lives on the WEST coast of Florida.  She did not want me driving by myself to Daytona so close to my due date.  She insisted and drove from the WEST coast of Florida, to my house in Orlando, picked me up, drove me to the meeting, waited in the car while I was in my meeting, then drove me home and then went back to her home on the WEST coast of FL.  After I gave birth, she came to our home and stayed for several days.  She not only helped with the baby and pampered me, but she brought over food and cooked meals for us, did our laundry and cleaned our home.  She is over the top!

Woman of the Week for 03/15/2012: Gayle Andrews

Nominated by: Laura Andrews

I’ve known Mom for almost 26 years and over the years she exemplifies a Godly woman who truly cares for and loves people.  Anyone who knows her sees evidence of how she loves her family and others she sees during the week.  She’s always been there to encourage Godly spiritual growth, educational aspirations, and overall well-being.  As a former school teacher, she takes an interest in how others learn.  On a weekly basis, she co-teaches a citizenship class for adult ESL students at our church and leads a devotional time.  Her example of praying and ministering to others has impacted me as I work with children as well.  On a personal note, I call her Mom, because she treats me like a daughter, not a daughter in law.  My own mother passed away 14 years ago.  Mom (Gayle) has always stepped in when my children were born and while I was having contractions by truly “lending” a hand to squeeze.  She is always there with perfect timing.  She is a humble lady who would help without getting credit or a needed “thank you.”  I love Mom.

Woman of the Week for 03/29/2012: Susan Dempsey

Nominated by: Tom Dempsey

My wife of almost 32 blissful & blessed years is my most precious Angel God as ever made.  She always puts my needs ahead of hers.  Approximately a year and a half ago I got severely sick and if it wasn’t for my Angel I would be in my Heavenly Home.  After I recovered in the hospital for 14 days I came home and each and every day I had to return to the hospital for outpatient IV antibiotics for 10 days – I could not walk because I had a severe blood infection that required 2 knee surgeries – therefore I had to return to the hospital for antibiotic pic-line therapy.  My most precious Holy Angel helped me through it, by literally almost carrying me down the stairs to the car – driving me to and from the hospital where she never left my side.  If it wasn’t for my precious Holy Angel there is no way I could ever have gotten better, and still to this day she makes sure that all of my needs are taken care of before hers.  There is no greater Love that I feel for anything or anyone then my precious Holy Angel Wife, plus the most precious of all is that she has never asked for anything in return.  Our relationship is one that I thank God and Jesus for because my wife could never be replaced by anything, and believe me I am so blessed to have her in my life.

Woman of the Week for 04/05/2012: Andrea Carter

Nominated by: Ruth Ardis

When I was diganosed with cancer in 2010, she went with me to the doctors appointments.  She helped me tell an elder at my church.  She encourged me to hang in there and to stay strong in my faith.  She has been there to lean on when I need a shoulder to lean on.  She helped get housing for my kids when I had to stay in Tampa for treatments.  She was there when I had go back in after my cancer surgery for galblader surgery.  After I became a Christian, she studied the Bible with me.  She has helped me understand things in the Bible I didn’t understand.  When I felt like throwing in the towel, she has encourged me to hang in there.  She helped my daughter become a Christian by studying with her.  She is a great example of a good Christian friend and sister in Christ.  I’m honored to have her as a friend.

Woman of the Week for 04/26/2012: Annette Parkhurst

Nominated by: Ashley Parkhurst

My mom is the best mom a girl could ask for; she’s not only my mom but my best friend.  She’s loving, caring, generous, and just all in all amazing!  She always puts everyone before herself, rather it be one of her five siblings, her husband, my sister, or myself.  She has dedicated her entire life to my sister and me; there isn’t anything she wouldn’t do for us.  She took us to all our dance competitions growing up, and has always helped us with our school work (including now while we’re both in college).  She would go to the ends of the earth to do any for us.  Not only does she take care of us and her family but she loves to help anyone in need.  She has this incredible vision to one day own her own homeless shelter to help people get back on their feet.  Everything she does in her life is to serve God and glorify Him!  Mom, thank you for being such a great role model for me, I pray that when I have kids I can be half the mom you have been to me!  I love you!

Woman of the Week for 04/12/2012: Carrie Whitfill

Nominated by: Carl Crampton

Carrie is a wonderful person and an excellent sister.  She loves and cares for those around her and makes sure others have what they need before she takes care of herself.  She is a single mom and takes extraordinary care of her daughter, Alyssa.  She is a positive role model and a great person.

To make a very long story short, my circumstances left me medically discharged from the Air Force, homeless, and without a car. After my discharge, I moved to Louisiana to find a job, it took a while but I soon got one.  Then Hurricanes Katrina and Rita devastated the area, and the company I worked for moved to Tennessee.  Carrie has been a true blessing.  When she bought a different car, she signed hers over to me until I could pay her back ($4,000.00!)  When I got a scholarship, she paid for the gas so I could go to school and work part-time here in Florida.  I’ve finished school now and I’m starting to get back on my feet, but I couldn’t have done it without Carrie.

Despite my misfortunes, Carrie proves that we are not defined by our circumstances and that God is faithful!

Woman of the Week for 04/19/2012: Laura Costanzo

Nominated by: Amanda Costanzo
My mother is such an amazing woman.  She is devoted to God, and is one of those people who doesn’t care if others give her strange looks when she prays in public.  She is strong, and has been through so much in the past years, and I look up to her for her courage and faith that everything will turn out all right in the end, and that everything is part of His plan.  One of my favorite Bible verses is, “I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.”  It always reminds me of Momma and her strength and determination. Once when she saw a Bible verse that I had put up on my wall, she was so happy that I was reading the Bible.  I think that she is glad to see that she is making a difference in my life, and she really is.  She is one of the greatest influences in my life, and I am glad to have her here.  I really don’t know what I would do without her.  Sure, Momma can be annoying and obnoxious sometimes, but I know that she does everything she does out of love.  I love you Momma, and am so glad that you are here to guide me through my life!

Woman of the Week for 06/07/2012: Cala Stadel

Nominated by: Debbie Juehring

I have a wonderful woman I want to tell Z land about as she is a very dear friend of mine.  Having a large family was a dream of hers when she was little and at age 46 she has accomplished it.  She had 6 girls and finally ended up with a son on the seventh delivery.  She has the patience of Job and is very involved in all of their lives.
Being a very spiritual person she has raised all 7 of her children in Christ.  They range from 21- 6 years of age.  Her son has just finished Kindergarten in May.  We have figured that Cala will have 48 proms in her lifetime as well as homecomings, and other special events . We joke they should start up their own consignment shop of all the dresses, shoes, and jewelry they will need to buy over the next years.  I don’t know when she sleeps because she is at every basketball, softball, or volleyball game that any of her active kids are involved in through school.
To add one more thing to her very busy agenda every day, she just recently started her own business helping others get healthy after she successful lost 94 pounds.  She is finding time to make her health a priority these days because she knows that our bodies are our temples.  She now wants to show her family that God wants us to take care of our bodies.
“Don’t you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourself.” – 1 Corinthians 6:19
Another one of Cala’s favorite quotes she likes to remind me of is: God can dream a bigger dream for you then you can dream for yourself!
She is a true inspiration of mine because I am from a large family myself. I was the youngest of 7 children and I know the commitment it takes to be a woman of God raising kids in our world today, and she is a blessing in showing us all how to do this.  I know how much she relies on God day after day.
Cala, I am proud to be your friend.  You are a true Woman of God. You have so much wisdom to share. Thanks for sharing your life with me as well as being such a wonderful mother, wife and friend to so many who look up to you in every thing you do.

Woman of the Week for 07/19/2012: Rosa Thompson

Nominated by: Steve Thompson

Rosa and I have been married 20+ years. We have 3 boys (2 over 18 and 1 10 years of age.) Rosa has always been there for us, through thick and then. In the past years, Rosa has been through a lot, but has held on strong and showed the love any mother would for her children.  When I was in the hospital 2 years back, she was there to support me as well as kept the family strong. She has held us together and made sure the family was supported at all times. She does not show her feelings when they are hurt, but keeps right on going.  She is the most wonderful wife any one could have as well as the best mother any child could have. Thank you, Rosa, for the wonderful children you have given me and the wonderful years you have given me. I LOVE YOU, ROSA

Woman of the Week for 06/21/2012: Cheryl Miller

Nominated by: Karen Daigneault

Cheryl is a single mother of 2.  Her little girl lives with her in Sanford and her son lives in New Smyrna.  Cheryl also works, goes to school, and takes care of our mother, who also lives with her.  A few days ago I had a banking mistake, classes all day, and no way take care of it before 6 PM.  Cheryl went out of her way to take care of it for me (paying the full amount and putting extra in my account) and also went to New Smyrna to get her son to bring him back to Sanford to run his errands.  Then she told me it is not necessary to repay her.  Even with my mother, she does not allow my mother to help with household expenses.  She believes my mother did her job raising her and now it is her turn to help and that is how God would want it.  She always goes out of her way to help family and friends.  She is a selfless person who has always worked hard for everything and has never asked for a handout.  She is my best friend; I could not ask for anyone nicer.

Woman of the Week for 07/12/2012: Gail Goss

Nominated by: David Miller

She is truly a woman of God.  I’ve known her for 27 years, and she has consistently spoken the Word God in my life.  I have disappointed and broken her heart more than once, but she has always forgiven, encouraged, and supported me.  As I surrendered my life to Christ, He has given me eyes to see this amazing, beautiful woman for the angel she has been in my life. She’s more than the Woman of the Week, she is a WOMAN OF GOD!

Woman of the Week for 07/18/2012: Karen Riendeau

Nominated by: Maria Artelli

Karen is simply a remarkable woman of God. The way she gracefully lives her life shines in ways that I am sure she doesn’t truly understand. I grew up in a Sunday morning Christian family, whose walks with Christ never really took place outside of the church walls. When I became a Christian, God used Karen as a spiritual mother in my life. She showed me that it’s not about religion, but a relationship with Jesus, and this relationship didn’t have to be lived out of obligation, but desire. I model a lot of what I do and who I am after the Jesus that lives in Karen Riendeau.

Woman of the Week for 07/20/2012: Claudia Nathe

Nominated by: Audrey Navarro

Growing up we did’nt have much; my mother and father both worked full time. But even though my mother worked 40+ hours a week, she managed to make a special bond with each of her three children. My my most fond memory of her as a child was every Saturday we would go grocery shopping, it was my favorite part of the week and before we would leave the house we always prayed for a great parking spot and lots of sales and God always delivered. That was her way of showing me that God cared even about the small things in life. When I turned 15, my father passed away. My whole family was devistated. My mother then had to take on 3 part time jobs, raise 3 children and enrolled in school full time. When she finished school she graduated top of her class. My mother is an amazing mother and grandmother and somehow always managed to keep our family “together”. And even though she went through some horrible times she managed to put God first and prove to us that God answers prayer. My mother is the most selfless amazing example of a women of God, wife and mother and I love her more that words can say.

Woman of the Week for 08/03/2012: Debbie Stickney-Laczko

Nominated by: Kevin Laczko

In addition to being my amazing wife, Debbie is Mom of 4, home school teacher of the youngest 2, business owner, nutrition minister, and marriage mentor for so many grateful women. She is very giving and always lifts the spirits of those around her. Because she is so tuned in to the needs of her children, she quickly recognized an undiagnosed, yet serious, hearing loss of our daughter when she was 3 (she is now 8). Not only did that lead us to obtain the proper assistance to ensure regular speech development, but it also opened up her heart to helping children with even more severe hearing loss in need of cochlear implants. She jumped into action to raise funds for Rhyan’s Hope, a non-profit organization that seeks to help deaf children to hear again. Through her passionate efforts she ensured a young girl whom she had never before met was able to receive a much needed and very expensive surgical procedure not covered by insurance. This is just one of the many ways Debbie has been open to God working through her to make a difference in those around her. Our children and I are so very proud of her!

Woman of the Week for 08/11/2012: Vastie Alexis

Nominated by: Mehlin Philippe

Vastie currently holds the title of Youth President of her church. Despite her own personal circumstances, she still finds time to love on each of her youth members indivudually. She prays with them, prepares their lessons and is there encourgaging. She also serves as the Sunday School Teacher and is readily available to the needs of her students, youth and the congregation.

Woman of the Week: Irma Moss

Nominated by: Diana Jacobacci

Mrs. Moss, or “Mama Eagle”, is the principal at Moss Park Elementary. To say that she goes above and beyond for her school family is putting it mildly! The school is decorated like a home, and visitors are immediately impressed with what a welcoming environment she has created. She takes the time to visit with her students and is always available to give and receive hugs–from both the kids AND adults! Her love of Christ is evident in her daily walk. With all of the challenges she faces, she remains strong in the arms of Christ and is a true light of His love!

Woman of the Week: Vindy Lopez

Nominated by: Lulu Swain

We met at church as I was losing my house and job. She asked me, my son, and two dogs to come live with her and her two kids. While I lived there she paid my school’s tuition, books, gas, food and provided anything my son and I needed. Even going to movies or dining out. She always made sure that I always had cash on me and even deposited money into an account for me to use. We are both youth leaders at the same church and we do community service together along with the ministry I direct out of the same church. We share a passion for the youth and God and we learned a lot from each other.

I lived in her house for twenty months until recently I was able to move on my own with my son. I have never met anyone so selfless and giving in my entire life and i would like to recognize her for all she has done and continues doing. Even after moving out she still makes sure we have all we need.

Woman of the Week: Alicia Engelman

Nominated by: Crystal Howard

I have known Alicia since 9th grade and we became best friends. She is an amazing women in Christ.  She loves to sing for the Lord and she has recently started our womens ministry at our church as well. She has 8 kids from ages 10 mths to 24 yrs old.  Two of them are step children. She is a stay at home mom who homeshools all of her children and she has a miche bag business also. She will do what she can to help out who is in need. She runs the nursery at the church and we both sing with the praise and worship group too.  We have been best friends since 1992. I am proud to say she is my best friend and my sister forever.

Woman of the Week: Lori Lighty

Nominated by: John Lighty

Lori felt a call to children’s ministry. She took this challenge at our church 4 months ago. She created a children’s worship service, children’s quiz team, and children’s choir. She has seen an increase from 6 children to 23 children with 4 accepting Christ and being baptized. She also saw a need at children’s camp for a church in New Port Richey that 95% of the parents are out of work and the children have only one set of clothes to wear. They would wash those clothes every night at camp to have fresh clothes each day. The church tries to feed all the people at least twice a week. She initiated a clothing and food drive for this church and will deliver a truck load to the church this Saturday.  She has a passion for bringing children into a saving knowledge of Christ. She has also initiated a Fall Festival to reach out to our community with the gospel. She has a love for Christ and wants everyone to know who He is and also have a saving relationship with Him.

Woman of the Week: Linda Burkett

Nominated by: Pat Hilton

Linda was diagnosis with breast cancer a few years ago. She went through surgery to have the lope nubs removed only to have it reappear the next year. Thus she had to have a double breast removal. She went through chemo and everything with such a positive attitude. I admire Linda not only for being a survivor but through all of this she also lost her 23 year old handicapped son. Micheal, her son, was born handicapped but Linda and her husband, Greg, always took care of him at home. Linda is such a strong woman to have faced all of these situations with a positive attitude and loves serving the Lord. She is the director of our Children’s ministry and gives so much back to our church and the Lord. She truly is a survivor of breast cancer as well as a true light in the darkness for Jesus Christ. I call her my friend and feel that she deserves being the Woman of the Week turns Pink.

Woman of the Week: Kate Wright

Nominated by: Marianne Rigolini

My best friend, Kate, was diagnosed with breast cancer 16 months ago. On her way to hear her diagnosis she heard the song Voice of Truth. It gave her strength and the courage to fight her battle. Kate stayed strong, never complained – even when she was so sick. She continued to lecture in Church even as she got sicker and lost her hair. Kate is the strongest woman I know who is filled with compassion and the love of Christ.

Woman of the Week for: Oralia Guerra

Nominated by: Alicia Guerra

Oralia “Lolly” Guerra was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 and fought the fight. She then went into remission for a year but then the cancer came back and spread threw her bones and threw out her body. She always stayed positive and through out all of her treatments kept her head up and kept her faith in God and to her church. No matter where she was she always speaking about the word of God and tring to bring people to church. She was a faithful follower. She was a Sunday school teacher for the children. She was also a loving grandmother, mother, wife, sister, daughter and friend. She has a special bond with each and everyone of her 7 grandchildren. She taught us all so much and was always there for her family. This past June we lost he to cancer which started 7 years ago. Within her last days one of her wishes was that her children go back to church and since then our family has been even stronger. She will always be missed and never forgotten. We love you!

Woman of the Week: Carmem Carmo

Nominated by: Marion Sterling

Carmem Carmo is the Director of First Life Pregnancy Center. She was diagnosed in fall 2011 with breast cancer and had a bilateral mastectomy in November 2011. During her surgery, chemo treatments, and reconstructive surgery she only missed work for as long as the doctors required. The entire time she was going through this, when she was at work or in any other situation, she was always smiling and encouraging others. When her hair fell out it did not deter her from what she needed and wanted to do for work. So she wore a wig as she traveled to China to help with the opening of a Pregnancy Center there. She consistently talked about about how good God is and that she trusted Him no matter what happened. She was never seen to be discouraged in any way and was a constant example of what a strong belief in God can do. During this time she also had 3 teenagers in college and is currently planning a wedding for one of her daughters. Her hair has begun to grow back and she is a light to everyone who knows her.

Woman of the Week: Edna Garcia

Nominated by: Anamaria Garcia-Serrano

Our Titi (aunt) Edna has always been an inspiration and an example of love to all of her family. She is one of twelve children, and we have always seen her as the kind one who brings joy to all. She has been fighting the battle against breast cancer for eight years and the entire time her only concern is for her children and parents. She has sacrificed so much and suffered but has always rested her faith in our Lord and is now helping her father also get through cancer. 17 years ago I chose her as my sponsor for confirmation because even at a young age I knew she would always provide a great example of Christlike love, patience, and humility. It has not been easy for anyone in our family to see her gain hope in this fight and continuously stumble on new hurdles on this path. However, my faith remains that God chose her because her faith is so strong that it has created a light for our family to unite around. Just after Edna’s journey against cancer began we lost my father in a tragic accident, and I believe that God has provided our family with an angel to watch us from heaven and one here to keep us strong.

Woman of the Week: Jessica Fortunato

Nominated by: Stephen Fortunato

This past month has been one of the most trying times in our life together since we got married two years ago. We’ve had relational struggles, but this trial has been one of busyness and major life change. My wife Jessica has just embarked upon a 3 year commitment to earn her degree and licensure in Marriage and Family Therapy. She has taken on her own challenges with classes, work and the keeping of our home in an incredibly adept way, meeting every task with excellence. In miraculous ways, she is still able to be the encourager to me she has always been. She writes me daily notes that remind me of how much she believes in me and of her undying love and respect for me. She is truly a gift from God and an honor to our home. I would like to nominate her as a Woman of the Week because though she has had every reason in the world to give up, shrink back or get frustrated she has chosen instead to follow God’s call on her life with grace and joy.

Woman of the Week: Debbie Bernet

Nominated by: Rose Thomas

Debbie and I work together. She is one of the most joyous teachers I have ever met. She makes learning fun and it’s a beauty to watch her in the classroom. When she was recently diagnosed, I worried about her going through so much pain and I feared that her bubbling joy would be lost in a sea of treatment. Everyday, she comes to work and she gives it her best. I know that life is tough for her these days, but teaching is in her blood and she’s lost if she’s not touching the hearts and minds of her students. Debbie is precious to me. I honor her today and always.

Woman of the Week: Leila LeePow

Nominated by: Tara Gillam

Leila works for a contractor providing support to the NASA legal office at Kennedy Space Center. No matter how stressful the work environment gets, Leila comes to work every day with a smile on her face and joy in her heart. She is a daily reminder that we are to live life to glorify of God. She is a compassionate listener, and the heartbeat of this office. When one of our paralegals became gravely ill, it was Leila who repeatedly visited her in the hospital to pray with her, and called for updates to share with the office. When I recently lost my beloved pet, Leila was there for me. When our lives get complicated, or we arrive at work with sour attitudes, Leila points to the Jesus pin she always wears on her lanyard and says, “give your troubles over to Him.” She is a daily reminder of the joy in our lives that many of us overlook.

Woman of the Week: Gloria Tanner

Nominated by: Jennifer Gingras

My mom raised her 3 children as a single parent. She sacrificed and struggled to make our needs met and to do what was best for her kids.   She provided a loving home and gave each of us the skills and faith we needed to succeed as adults.  After we all moved out, my mom took a job in a foster care community where she met and fell in love with 8 year old twins. She adopted them and 5 years later they are thriving.  Adoption brings with it many struggles and my mom is still sacrificing her needs to provide for her twins.  She is my hero and she deserves some recognition and love especially during the holiday season.

Woman of the Week: Heidi Haesche

Nominated by: Melissa Martinez

I met Heidi when we were in college, but we were only acquaintances, really. When I moved to Orlando from TN, I prayed that God would help me find a friend. In 2005, I walk into UCF my first day of class, and there’s Heidi! We have become very close since then. In 2006, when I lost my son, Heidi was a huge support for me. When one of the best “conversations” we had was when she sat with me and just quietly held my hand in silence. Heidi is one of the strongest, most gracious people I know. I admire her courage, humor, and just who she is. I thank God every day that He crossed our paths again ten years later in Florida!

Woman of the Week: Christine Shell

Nominated by: Doug Shell

Christine is a wonderful Godly woman who participates on the worship team at Northland Church and has a tremendous heart for her family. I met Christine due to an unfortunate accident that took the life of her brother and sister-in-law. This left three children Ages 3, 7, 10 without parents. Because of her love for her own daughter and her other family, she felt God was leading her to take the job of raising these children. Seeing how much she loves them and wants them to be loved in the midst of this tragedy, and how well she works with them, lead me to love her so much that I wanted her to be my wife! We were married in May and are now in the process of obtaining legal guardian ship of the three children. She has left her job to be a full time mother to all four of these wonderful children. She is a wonderful mother and such a supporting and caring wife! I love her with all my hear and know that she is doing an amazing things by following God’s direction to care for these children and bring love and healing out of a difficult situation.

Woman of the Week: Sharon Trent

Nominated by: Lisa Lawrence

Sharon takes care of her 8 and 16 year old great nieces as well as her 93 year old mother. She goes from early morning to very late at night and always thinks of others before thinking of herself. There are the demands of getting an 8 year old off to school in the morning, doing homework at night, doctors appointments, teachers conferences, meals, etc.  Sharon makes sure her mother mother’s needs are met as well. I don’t know how she does it, but she does it graciously, unselfishly and with very little sleep. Sharon deserves woman of the week for being a godly, unselfish, hardworking woman who asks very little for herself.

Woman of the Week: Molly Fabiano

Nominated by: Michelle Roberts

My Mum is an amazing woman. She has always taken care of her family so well. She did everything for my brother and I growing up. She made my childhood fun and memorable. She and my Dad have been married for 47 years. Now she has failing health. In addition to being in constant pain from neck problems and fibromyalgia she also has dementia. She doesn’t always remember what someone has said to her. But she still works hard to keep a nice house for my Dad. She will go out of her way to help me and my 7 year old daughter. My Mum is so good to Jadyn. She loves her grandchild very much. Even though I know she would rather lay down and do nothing she gets up and helps me every chance she gets. Her love of Christ is immesurable. She helped me come to the Lord at the age of 9. I will always be grateful for that. She is the best woman in the world that I know and I just wanted everyone to know that. I love you Mum.

Woman of the Week: Kimberly D’Avis

Nominated by: Matthew D’Avis

Kim has given me three beautiful children. She is a nurse in a very stressful area and yet she comes home and is patient and kind and loving. Through all my faults and misgivings she has remained a constant anchor and source if encouragement for me and our children. She truly is what a godly woman is and she shows that through her words and actions.

Woman of the Week: Belinda Manzano

Nominated by: Marge Mihalko

It is difficult to tell just one story about Belinda and what an amazing woman she is. I could tell you about the support she gave me when my husband passed away from cancer 3 years ago, or how she has embraced my kids and myself , almost as part of her family. But I think what makes her most amazing, is her true commitment in her life to God and family. Smart and successful in a career where she could have done anything, she prayed for Gods guidance, and a year and a half ago, quit her full time job, to work full time at her kids school. This year with a new baby in tow, she does not officially work at the school, but she is there, everyday, helping teachers, eating lunch with her own kids, and continuing to impact the lives of the kids she got to know when she worked at the school. She is an amazing Christian who is an inspiration to me. And an unbelievable friend to all who know her. The best part, is I am not sure she truly knows the impact she has on people, and that is what makes her all the more amazing.

Woman of the Week: Diane Vanbuskirk

Nominated by: Cheryl Sharp

I met Diane about 10 years ago. She has been so generous to our family of her time and resources, especially since my husband lost his job 3 yrs ago. There were countless ways she provided for our family of 6. One story that illustrates her sacrificial spirit happened the first of this year. Our daughters were on a Missions Trip to Panama. Through circumstances, my daughter’s passport was missing when arriving at the airport. She was not allowed to leave and was told she would not get out of the country for at least a week. The rest of our family was in North Georgia. Eventually, she got home and Diane drove her and her sister 9 hours, arriving at 3 am to us. She said, “She needs a hug form her mommy.” Words can not express what that meant to us and I can never repay her for what she did for us. She is truly amazing and a woman after God’s own heart!

Woman of the Week: Gretel Banks

Nominated by: Lisa Banks

My Mom, Gretel Banks, will be 90 years old on February 13, 2013. She is a Mother of 6, Grandmother of 5 and Great Grandmother of 5. She came to the United States in 1964 from Jamaica to find a better life for her children. She lost her mother when she was only 7 years old and was sent to realtives to take care of their children at such a tender age (7).

Even though she did not have Mother to guide and teach her to JOY of being a Mother, she took Wonderful JOY at being a Mother, sacraficing everthing she had, working 2-3 jobs to provide a shelter, food and a loving home for all 6 of us

Four years ago, my Mom’s leg had to be amputated due to diabetes. It has been such a long and difficult road for her as she is a True Woman of Independance and Strength.

I could go on and on as she’s lived such a life filled with so much experiences, but none can compare to ABSOLUTE and True Love she has for her children.

If God wills, please choose my Mom, Gretel Banks, as your “On Air” Woman of the Week”. She Loves your station and listens to it all day long.

If she is not chosen for an on the air reading, that will be ok, because she is The Dearest Mother of Our Lifetime.

Blessings Always,
Lisa Banks

Woman of the Week: Andrea Holder

Nominated by: Connie Lane

Andrea is the founder and director of Fruit of the Vine Ministry which is a live in program that gets men and women back on there feet both spiritual and physical and financial. She has 3 children husband 21/2 grand babies, a job does a christian radio teaching thru out several states and the Islands and runs 2 houses that she runs. She is also She is always there for 2 bible studies per week mentoring 3 people in ministry weekly and yet keeps going. She has shown us a true walk with Christ and how to grow in His love and grace and mostly how to rest in Him. I for one can say that with out her and the ministry and of course Christ I would not be here today. She is my spiritual leader, true friend and a true true blessing from God, and I thank Him every day for her, the board and the ministry. This is why I think she should be woman of the week.

Woman of the Week: Roberta Gould

Nominated by: Shandra Murphy

My husband of 20 years walked out in April 2012 and left me with no job and no support. I’ve since lost my home and Roberta has taken me into her home. I’ve been made to feel a part of her family and very welcome and being best friends for so many years has made this terrible time a lot easier to deal with. She is a modern day Good Samaritan in so many ways and always helps where she sees the need. If anyone needs recognition it is her although she would not agree. She’s letting me stay until I can find my feet again and a full time job which is proving difficult but I have the peace of knowing I won’t be on the streets because of her.

Woman of the Week: Lisa Andazola

Nominated by: Linda Rich

My sister has always been amazing, so giving and kind, but when my husband of 37 years was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, she went above and beyond for us. She brought my neice and 2 nephews, who my husband adored to the cancer hospital in Tulsa driving from New mexico where they live, 13 hours one way, to be with us, several times in our 4 month stay.She was so optimistic the Lord would heal John.There was always a card, a package in the mail with some natural concoction to fight the cancer, calling everyday, praying over the phone,Despite our wishes, the Lord called him home, March 5, 2012 . My sister, through this whole journey was there for us. The time following she would call or text me several times a day to see how I was doing. I feel one of the reasons I have done so well in handling my loss is that I have had such support, love and constant prayers lifted up for me from my sister. She is an incredible woman of God, she has loved the Lord since she was a teenager and has been faithful to Him her whole life. She is a testimony to all that no her, she is my woman of the week, month, year and my life. Thanks sister, love you.

Woman of the Week: Rita Chaney

Nominated by: Kenna Chaney

Rita is like another mom to me. She is very involved in our church, one of the leaders of Women on Mission group. She is so generous she has helped us out more times then I can count. The best thing she ever did was bring me back to God. My daughter was a toddler she asked me if it was ok to take Clara to church. She told me to think about it and I did long and hard. It dawned on me that I should be taking Clara to church. so I stared to go back to church after many years away. I’m more involved now then before. I’ll always be forever grateful to her. She is the most loving,understanding and caring person I know. I would be lost without her in my life. She’s the mom who raised my beloved husband to be a man of God and I love her for it.

Woman of the Week: Eloise Cheever

Nominated by: Linda Hall

I first met her at the flea market, she set up every Saturday next to my husband. She invited us to her church, which is now my church too. She is a very strong, giving and loving lady. She cleans the church, organizes the monthly senior luncheon, visits the nursing homes and those sick at home.To be 86 years old she is very active and well loved in the church and community. She always has a smile on her face and a song for Jesus in her hear! .My mom is passed away, so I calms Eloise my mama .She is very very special to me and my family. We love you mama.

Woman of the Week: Donelle Evensen

Nominated by: Paula Wilburn

She is the mother of four, ages 10 (adopted), 5, 4, and one. She put herself through college as well as getting her Masters degree. Teaches at Rymfire elementary school, and is the lead teacher for “Camp I Can” which is a monthly literacy center for students with Down syndrome. Donelle is one of the most dedicated and selfless people I know. She continues to amaze me daily. Her birthday is Aug. 1st.