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Cyndy Goeller

Woman of the Week: Cyndy Goeller

Nominated by: Mary Sharp

Cyndy is like the mom I never had. I met her in my Sunday School class (which I rarely attended because I was “too tired”). This was an excuse I used frequently because I’ve been in stage 3 heart failure, due to a genetic disease, since I was 25 (I’m 32 now). Cyndy asked if taking me to church would help. She took away my excuse and got me involved in church this also started a great relationship.

Cyndy is always there for me I can’t count how many times she has picked me up from work when I am sick, taken me to the doctor when I cannot drive, and stay by my side for hours on end when I end up in the hospital. She is an amazing woman with four grandkids two of which are disabled with Muscular Dystrophy. If only God had more angels like her!

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