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What Does 100,000 Watts Mean for Me?

Share Your Z Listening Experience!

Tracy Leek here from Z88.3 Middays, and I am so excited to announce that your Z is now a 100,000 watt station! We are so excited to celebrate this historic moment with you, because many of you gave your own money to make this happen.

More watts means more people in Central Florida will be able to listen to Z88.3 with a clearer signal. For the first time, our friends on the coast (including my family) will be able to listen to your Z static free!

If you live downtown or in the metro area all the way through Leesburg, you'll be able to listen better inside at home and at the office. This is a big win for all of Z Land!

I shared with our TEAM 88.3 family that I live in Daytona Beach and was driving around this week running my errands with my kiddos in the back seat. Living on the coast means we usually have to listen to our favorite songs on the Z through a little bit of static. Thanks to this new, stronger signal, that is no longer the case!

We’d love to know where you are listening to your Z each day and if you’ve noticed a difference. If you don’t mind, please take a moment to fill out the form below. Your Z is a community, and we love sharing life with you on the radio.

  • We'd love to know where you are listening to your Z right this moment. Especially if you can now hear your Z in a place where you've never been able to listen before!

    Are you listening at the office? Maybe you're at home or shopping somewhere that is playing your Z. If you are at a business or at work listening, let us know the name of the business. We may end up sharing about you on air!

  • We'd love to know how your day is going as you listen to your Z. Maybe it's been a rough day, but you are finding comfort in the music or you are hanging out with friends, coworkers or even a homeschool group! Let us know who's with you and what you are up to today because we'd love to share!:)