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LoveMate Photography

LoveMate Photography
LoveMate Photography
Saint Cloud,
I W O U L D L O V E T O B E A B L E T O B E P A R T O F Y O U R M E M O R I E S A N D C A P T U R E Y O U R F A M I L I E S P R E C I O U S M O M E N T S.

When Capturing your big day I love story telling, just Capturing your love in the best way possible… I’m a veil putting, dress fixing, alcohol getter, and kid watching while shooting your big day…I got you! Anything that you need that day I will be. My style is more of a lifestyle with some fun natural moments whatever it takes for that shot, whether it’s laying down on the ground, climbing, walking through tall grass (which I’m terrified of BTW) or even trespassing whatever it takes to get the best shot that brings out your personality as well the best you you can be!