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Dr. Eileen – Christian Relationship Coach

Dr. Eileen – Christian Relationship Coach
Eileen Diaz
7280 W Sandlake Road Ste 305
Coaching services available to individuals and couples.
Available for speaking engagements and online sessions.

Learn to Heal, Restore and Love again while utilizing psychological techniques & biblical scriptures. Learn to Heal from the past, Restore your emotions all the while getting closer to God and Love again. Go ahead and Share your story because I am listening…
Live with no regrets

Do you know that you have the power to change the story of your chapter… the direction of your marriage, your separation/divorce …it’s about your perception. Many times, people live with Regret because they didn’t try or give their All. What if I can help you change that. Provide you with the techniques you need to give it your ALL, slowly changing the situation or the answer becomes clearer. No need to do it alone, let’s do it together to Heal, Restore and Love again. Learn my Love technique so you too can live without any regrets.