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6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Kids in the Kitchen Presents: Healthy Meals for Twenty Dollars

Location: Center for Health & Wellbeing, Winter Park FL

Would you feel at ease if you knew your teenager was well-equipped to tackle the grocery store, select healthy items AND stay on budget? A financial literacy program meets cooking class, Healthy Meals for $20 will teach your children how to shop and prepare a healthy meal for less than $20. Attendees will first learn about shopping budgets and unit pricing, and then move to the Center’s Nutrition Theatre for a cooking class centered around an easily replicable recipe.

This program, best suited for middle and high school students, is presented by the Winter Park Health Foundation. Registration is FREE, but space is limited.

To register or to learn more, please visit https://yourhealthandwellbeing.org/event/kids-in-the-kitchen-presents-healthy-meals-for-twenty-dollars/


About LaShea Reaves, President, 8 Cents in a Jar

LaShea graduated cum laude in the Spring of 2007 with a Bachelor’s in Business Management and a minor in Economics. After working three jobs in college and becoming a financial junkie, she purchased her first home as a graduation gift. For the first time in her life, she was no longer a recipient of public assistance. LaShea advanced her career in financial services as an Assistant Vice President and later managed relationships with Investment Advisors toppling assets of more than THREE BILLION dollars while working at Charles Schwab – all because she created a financial plan as a teenager.

8 Cents in a Jar is for students, young professionals and families; whether you’re considering how or when to get started, 8 Cents is here for you. Every step of the way, sharing, advising, answering questions and offering hope.

The number 8 represents a new beginning, meaning a new order or creation, and man’s true ‘born again’ event. Within the financial realm, the power of 8 associates with matters of business and wealth largely depend on cycles to fulfill a manifestation.

The money jar (depositing cents in a jar) has been a simplistic way for people to save money for generations. The concept is easy. After coming home for the day, you simply empty out your pockets and put the coins into a jar. When the jar is full, you take it to your local bank, have the coins counted and place the money into your savings account.

8 Cents in a Jar represents a new beginning for generations to start saving and eradicate the cycle of generational poverty.

Regardless of one’s economic status, there is always an opportunity to become financially capable and make informed financial decisions with proper education and guidance starting from the age of 8. It starts with 8 Cents in a Jar.

Please note: If you are unable to attend a program, cancelling your reservation gives us an accurate count of how many to expect; for sold-out programs, cancelling your reservation also allows someone on the waitlist to attend in your place.

Cancelling can be done in two easy ways: by calling 407.644.2492 and selecting Option 4 to speak to a representative or by using the online ticket cancellation option in your original confirmation email from Eventbrite.

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7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Heart Healthy Event

Location: Orlando Grace Church, Altamonte Springs FL

Seltzer Family Chiropractic is hosting a FREE Heart Healthy Event. They will have world renowned speaker and best-selling author Dr. Ben Lerner as the guest speaker.  At this event, you will discover:

-The Truth about cholesterol.
-The real numbers you need to know on a blood test to prevent a heart attack or stroke.
-Managing inflammation: the underlying killer beneath the silent killer.
-Heart-healthy eating made simple.
-The genes that predispose you to heart conditions, and how to turn them off.
-Clear steps to radically minimize your risk.
-Restore your Gut! Gut health impacts heart health.
-And much more!

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7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Prayer Meeting

Location: Resplendency, Lake Mary Florida

Prayer draws you closer to God and helps you in your daily activities and thoughts you may encounter.

Come join us as this community of believers would love to have the opportunity to pray with and for you!

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