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Hurricane Preparedness Week

Hello hurricane season! You can always count on your Z for Weather Warnings First® to help you keep your family safe, so keep your radio on Z88.3 whenever severe weather threatens Central Florida. We’ll ride out the storm before, during and after…Together!

This week is Hurricane Preparedness Week, so it is the perfect time to get your plan together. Don’t wait to put your hurricane kit together until there is already a named storm headed our way. Stores are crowded and shelves are empty. Now is the time to prepare for the storm…and it can be fun, too. Get the kids involved and have them help you plan your kit and put it together with you.


Develop a Family Disaster Plan


Your Z will be here for you before the storm to give you the latest storm track information with no hype. During the storm, we will be here with Weather Warnings First® to help you keep your family safe!

Come back every day for new information on easy steps to prepare for hurricane season!

If you are looking for even more Hurricane Preparedness information, Osceola County is having a Hurricane Expo on May 20th. Click here for more information.

Hurricane Season

June 1 – November 30


Day 1:
Know Your Risk: Wind and Water



Consider your threats: storm surge, flooding from heavy rain, strong winds, tornadoes, rip currents.

Determine if you live in a flood-prone area

Find out if you live in a evacuation zone

Identify your home’s structural risks (mobile homes & basements can be especially vulnerable)

Day 2:
Prepare Before Hurricane Season



Develop an Evacuation Plan

Assemble disaster supplies: food, water,
batteries, charger, radio, cash

Get an insurance checkup and
document your possessions

Create a communication plan with a hand-written list of contacts

Strengthen your home

Day 3:
Understand Forecast Information



Rely on forecasts from the National Hurricane Center & your local NWS office

Know your alerts & the difference between a Watch and Warning

Focus on potential impacts, regardless of storm size or category

Know that deadly hazards occur well outside of the Forecast Cone

Day 4:
Get Moving When a Storm Threatens



Protect your home: cover windows, secure doors & loose items

Determine sheltering options and consider your pets

Ready your go-bag, meds & supplies, charge phone, fill up/charge vehicle

Help your neighbors, especially the elderly & other vulnerable people

Follow evacuation orders if given

Day 5:
Stay Protected During Storms



Stay in your safe places from water & wind

Have a way to get weather alerts and forecast updates

Keep in mind that impacts can be felt far from the coast

Listen to local officials & avoid travel unless ordered to evacuate

Day 6:
Use Caution After Storms



If you evacuated, only return home when directed it’s safe to do so

Remain vigilant, as hazards remain: heat, downed powerlines, floodwaters, & more

Clean up safety: don’t push yourself, and check on neighbors

Only use generators outdoors, 20+ feet from  your home

Prepare for the likelihood that help and communications may not be available

Day 7:
Take Action Today



Determine your risk from water & wind

Begin preparing now, before a storm

Learn how to understand hurricane forecasts and alerts

Learn what to do before, during and after a storm