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Jessica’s So Long Farewell Extravaganza

Jessica's So Long Farewell Extravaganza

Jessica might be leaving us, but we still have a ton of time to make all her dreams come true! There's a lot of local stuff that JBo has never done, so you're invited to join us on the So Long Farewell Extravaganza to properly send her off in Central Florida style!

Just fill out the form below and let us know which events you want to join in on the fun! Because it wouldn't be promotions without prizes (and crazy forms to fill out;), there will be a prize for the person who can make it to everything!

Don't miss out on the fun! RSVP today!
  • So we can text you at all hours of the day and night to keep you updated on the extravaganza;) Just kidding...just want to make sure we have your cell number in case you are late or plans change!
  • So we know it's actually you;) And, so we have someone to reply to on the form:)
  • Join us for a full day of hanging out at the one and only Gatorland...yes there will be 90 degree temps with 3 digit heat indexes, yes this is an outdoor park and yes the stench of these ugly creatures will be heightened because of the heat, but why would you wanna miss this fun day out with Jessica? (We FULLY understand if you do not sign up for this one;) We'll probably be heading over around 9 or 10 in the morning...but more on times TBA later.
  • Hello, it's the Coop!!! Need we say more?;) But wait, there's more...join us after for a personal tour of Trader Joe's by the one and only Trader Joe's expert...Carolbake;) This once in a lifetime treat is free for one night only as she'll be showing JBo what to buy since there will be a store LITERALLY across the street from her new station! UGH! AND THEN, we'll finish off the night with dessert at the new Shake Shack, who is famous for custard desserts, yum! Leaving the station around 6:00 p.m.
  • Who doesn't like pancakes? Especially when you get to make them yourself! We'll be heading over to DeLeon Springs in Deland to enjoy making our own pancakes at the Old Sugar Mill and then taking some time to swim in the springs! We'll also be stopping by Kermit's warehouse for the Key West ORIGINAL Key Lime Pie made famous on the Food Network!!! We've got the Z Music Test first thing in the morning, so we'll be leaving the first music test when it ends (around 11ish?) to head out to Deland.
  • Alright ladies, if you remember saying goodbye to Melony, get ready for Take 2 on Park Ave. We'll enjoy juice as we have fun talking about the marketing firm that we are all employed by!!! Maybe if we're lucky, we'll hear from some old radio guy telling us how to break into the business!!!:)

    If you missed Mel's going away party, but heard all the rumors (which were mostly true;) and can't miss it a second time, then sign up for this crazy night in Winter Park which is sure to be crazier than the first time around!!!

    Sorry guys, we heard it's gonna be raining that night so unfortunately you aren't invited to join us on this one!!!
  • Ok, so here's another one we don't understand, but JBo is crazy and wants to go on an airboat ride before she leaves the state...so who are we to say no?;) Join us around 3:30 or 4ish for air boating in Oviedo.
  • There ain't nothing fancy about this meal except the fact that if you've made it to every single event, this is where your prize will be handed to you! It's also the circle of life...we started our So Long Farewell Extravaganza learning about the life of gators and we are gonna end her extravaganza here at the Black Hammock eating the best fried gator in all the land! We'll probably be eating dinner around 5 or 5:30ish at the Black Hammock in Oviedo, so let us know if you can join us and if you dare to try gator tail!!! We hear it tastes like chicken...