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Share Your StorieZ

Share Your StorieZ

We look forward to our fall fundraiser in November each year, because we not only get the chance to share the way we get to see God using your station, we also get to tell the world why Z88.3 is so very important to your family!

Take a couple of minutes and tell us your story about why your Z means the world to you. We want to know if there was a specific time Z was there for you or how your family can't live without it!

Then join us on November 3 as we kick off Fall Fundraiser 2015 sharing how God is continuing to use His station across Z Land each and every day!

  • In case we have any questions about your story!
  • We'd love to get a good daytime phone number from you in case we decide to use your story on the air. We may want to get you to record your story on the air with us!:)
  • We'd love for you to tell us YOUR story about why you love the Z and why you can't live without it. Feel free to tell us about a specific time Z was there for you or what Z means to you. We're looking for all kinds of stories to share with Z Land during our Fall Fundraiser, and we can't wait to hear yours!
  • We'd love for you to include a picture of your family or a picture of anything that pertains to the story you just shared. This isn't required to complete this form, but we thought it would be fun to see you as we read your story!
    Max. file size: 50 MB.