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Wall Hanging Christmas Tree

This project was sent in by Z88.3 listener Susie.

Wall Hanging Christmas Tree

We have cats so we needed a Christmas Tree they could not reach. We made a Wall Hanging Christmas Tree.

Suppies: 9 ft garland, 2 ft long piece of wood, wire cutters, floral wire or twist tie, hot glue & gun.

1. Cut 2 ft piece of garland and use strips of wire to attach lengthwise to wood.
2. Cut 15 inch piece of garland and attach with wire about 2 or 3 inches from bottom of wood.
3. Cut rest of garland in pieces 14 inch to 10 inches long and attach to wood; pieces getting a little smaller as you get to the top.
4. Apply some hot glue to the back along the length of the wood.
5. Decorate the tree.


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