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Z Stop FAQ

Thank you so much for wanting the Z out at your event! We love to get out in our community. While we try to book as many events as possible, we can’t always make it out to everything. Because we don’t charge for our Z Stops, we do receive a lot of requests. Here’s a look at frequently asked questions you might have:

How Are Z Stops Booked?

We look at all the events for a particular month as a whole the week before each month begins and book stops based on staff availability as well as other station events and calendar bookings. You will not hear a yes or no before that time and requesting a Z Stop is not a guarantee that we will be able to be there. Please note that Z Stops are not assigned on a first come, first serve basis, but we do ask that you submit your events as early as possible.

What Is a Z Stop?

Z Stops are offered as a free resource to our community. We usually set up a booth or table, where we sometimes offer coloring, yard games and fun giveaways, depending on the event set up.

Do I Get Free Promotion for My Event If a Z Stop Is Booked?

Z Stops do not provide free advertising on the radio. If we are able to book your event, event information will be placed on our Z Stop page at and on our Facebook events page. The event may receive a mention or two on the air, but this is not guaranteed. If you would like guaranteed mentions on the radio for your event, please contact Carter Kenyon by email at to find out more about purchasing air time.

Will There Be A Live Remote Broadcast If Event Is Booked As a Z Stop?

We do not set up live remotes on site, and most often do not do mentions on the radio from the event. While we do send out Z Staff to run the booth if a Z Stop is booked, an air staff member is not always guaranteed to be on site.

What If You Turn Down My Request for a Z Stop?

We look at a number of things before booking our Z Stops. We try to make it out to as many events as possible, but are not always able to make it out to everything. If we can’t make it out to your event, keep trying by letting us know about your upcoming events. We also offer a free online community events calendar to help you get the word out about your events. You can request for your event to be added through our website.

We’re all in this together and our goal is to support our community as much as possible by bringing awareness to the many events that take place around Z Land. Thanks again for sending us your event information. We’ll be in touch again with a yes or no shortly before the month that your event takes place.